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Setup/System questions

Q: Which operating systems can be used for Alignmaster?
A: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7 and Windows8, at a minimum.

Q: Is it true that a polar scope is not required when Alignmaster is used??
A: Yes, a polar scope is not necessary for alignment when you use Alignmaster.

Q: Which alignment should I do before using Alignmaster (1 star-, 2 star- or 3 star alignment)?
A: It's very important to do just a 1 star-alignment initially. The two or multi-star pointing model must be disabled, however, before Alignmaster is enabled.

Q: I have a limited view of the sky and I can't find the "best" 2-star combinations. Can I use a "better" or "good" combination for alignment?
A: Yes, of course. Really bad star combinations are not displayed for possible selection. More stars can be added to the list of stars, if necessary. (See the Technical Questions list below for more information.)

Q: I don't find visible stars in the list of pairs.
A: Check that the location and the time zone are set correctly. The simplest way would be to check for the correct LMST (displayed in the upper right corner) with homepages like:
http://tycho.usno.navy.mil/sidereal.html or
http://www.heavens-above.com/ or

Questions on registration:

Q: Registration key is not accepted?
A: The entry of the Name, E-Mail address and Password is case-sensitive. The entry is also sensitive for additional/missing blank spaces. If this hint doesn't help, please contact the author.

Q: I am already registered, but I would like to purchase the full version of Alignmaster. How do I proceed?
A: The full version can be purchased anytime after November 10, 2014, even if you are already registered with a trial key. With the full version purchase there is no registration check.

Q: Can I buy a CD or DVD disc with the software?
A: No, only Internet download is possible.

Technical questions:

Q: Does Alignmaster compensate the epoch of the stars (J2000/Jnow)?
A: Yes, the epoch is corrected by the program automatically.

Q: Can I add my own stars to the list?
A: Yes, you can add more stars to the list of stars if necessary. You'll find the file called sterne.txt in the application folder (c:/program/Alignmaster/sterne.txt ). Make sure to add the stars with J2000 data (epoch).

Q: How do I respond to an error message indicating that sync is not possible.
A: Some mount's don't allow sync commands via ASCOM. In order to overcome this issue, you can disable the "use sync command." If sync is disabled, the program uses a virtual sync, but not a real one.

Q: I can't get a good alignment with Alignmaster and EQMOD.
A: Please check: http://eq-mod.sourceforge.net/faqs/alignmaster.html

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